July 13, 2011

Garlic Bike Fun

An offering from my farm share at Redwood Roots FarmDon't they just look beautiful? My cloves will soon be part of Molly Katsen's Tabouli Salad recipe from The Moosewood Cookbook, my most used cookbook over the years. 

I love Wednesdays - Janet, the farmstriss, makes everyone feel welcome and the share owners are all upbeat and happy to get their produce. I always leave with a smile to go with my veggies.

Going to the Gilroy Garlic Festival is on my bucket list. 
This basket of garlic is a promise...


Okay, I have to break the rules and post two pictures...

This group of teenagers and their escorts on bike tour thrilled me twice. I am full of admiration for their effort, attitudes, and spirit. I saw them this morning resting by the side of Winco and wanted to take a picture but was lacking my camera. I saw them again in Arcata on the way to the farm. Whoo-hoo! A second chance opportunity.

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