July 9, 2011

Moonstone Beach Visitors

We had a wonderful afternoon at Moonstone Beach - after we got there. We must have left the house at 4:00 pm or so. We woke late and futzed around all morning. Mark took Nathan to pick up Pace in the Jeep while Tonja and I went to Ramone's for tea and coffee. I am so happy they came up to visit us. It is rare to have a friend that really "gets you." I love that Tonja and I can express our appreciation for each other - it's a special gift.

We finally made it to Moonstone Beach after Ryan returned from his NJROTC fundraiser. A good time was had by all. Nathan and Pace played in the water, tried to reverse time by filling in the eroded holes in boulders with wet sand and just got along so well. We girls were hard pressed to be caught not taking photos, really a true reflection of how we love to spend our time.

Ollie and Mark, the happy-go-lucky pair, were in their element just  enjoying the sun and fun. Ollie had her happy face on and got to play with some other beach dogs. I am currently interpreting Ryan through the lens of his last summer with us. He is game to hang out and I believe enjoys the time but there is that sense of quiet reflection and separation always. I hope he remembers this last summer of his youth as golden. I got some great photos of him - some candid,  some posed. So photogenic.

We enjoyed a feast of pot roast with the regulation veggies we crock potted before we left the house, green salad, mixed greens, and peas. A lovely meal to end a lovely day.

Nathan is an amazing kid. So tall and smart - it's way too easy to forget he's seven. He is a sleep lover, I guess - like his mama and I. He seems relieved to retreat to bed despite our late sunshine and drops into slumber immediately. We had such late nights this week, little bug. Tonja joined me in bed for the best part of any slumber party, the talkin' and sharin'. She turned me on to ken ken and griddlers, a picture logic game. I sure do miss the camaraderie of a like minded pal.

I was blessed by several comments Tonja made over the course of the visit reflecting on Mark and our relationship. He welcomed our visitors with enthusiasm and it showed. I feel awkward/proud when others recognize my happiness in Mark but was pleased Tonja did. I really am silly over him. I can't wait for them to come back and bring Mike along, I look forward to creating many more lovely memories together.

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  1. What a wonderful day, Mom. It makes me happy to hear about days like these. Wish I could have been there to say hi to Tanja, but it sounds like you both had awesome girl-time. Love you!