January 12, 2012

2012 Week 1

Journaling Reads:

1. I found this Italian perpetual calendar in Grandma Loya’s closet when we moved her into assisted living last September. I am certain they got it while stationed there just after WWII.

2. Page 2012 of my Bible, Acts 23. Hmmm... probably a good book to study this month.

3. One of my great joys - living by the ocean and photographing boats. Someday I will live on one!

4. Here’s Olive, the silly dog, out with her papa, in the driver’s seat. Love them both.

5. “Christmas Trees Here Free” Why are there quotes around this? Bethany and Liza gave us their tree after celebrating early. A true blessing for a pauper’s Christmas. I felt a small bit ‘o sad seeing the tag end of Christmas piled in a dumpster.

6. Ford Meter Box Company - Wabash, IN water meter cover. Taken in Shelter Cove during first truck trip of the year.

7. Taken from the patio at the Marina where Mark and I enjoyed our Saturday lunch. The other side of the boat from the 3rd’s photo. Site of our first date.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Gina! Looks like your 2012 project is off to a fantastic start...keep going! I'm sure you will love looking back on all these intimate details of life, as will your family! :) Many blessings!