January 21, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays...

Journaling Says (in the tone of Richard Dawson):

15 We took a half-hour jaunt to the beach Sunday afternoon for a breath of fresh air. Pace brought his army action figure and a camouflage vehicle pulled by a rope to play with. I suspect this will be one of the last beach toy play days he has.

16 More family fun and a night off cooking for me at Babe’s Pizza. The boys enjoyed the games while Mark and I watched the Lakers beat the Mavs. We’re still not completely recovered and gave ourselves permission to veg out with some screen time.

17 All of these logs will be in China soon, milled into lumber, and most likely imported back to the US. I think they are beautiful. There are stacks and stacks of logs just behind the Oak Harbor terminal. It’s an impressive sight.

18 My sweet guy practicing his old man look - wearing a warm fuzzy hat with readers perched on the tip of his nose. I look forward to knowing that old man with the well spent years of kitchen table Bible study.

19a Rows of golf carts abandoned and soaked waiting to roll again.

19b Lake Muni. It’s rained for days on end. Eureka Municipal Golf Course is more canoe than cart ready and will be for awhile.

20 A stormy north coast close of the day. At the top of each of the farther set of pilings perches a gull, hunkered down for the duration.

21 Mark and Jodi Magazzi flanked by the Sjoquists, Bob and Darcy, taking their turn to host the monthly couples dinner. Photo of us all looking a photos.
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