January 20, 2012

Starlngs in Winter Tree - Week Two

Journaling Reads:

8 Starlings in Winter Tree - Target, Eureka, CA.
A small bit o’ invasive nature observed after shopping. Brought home the second part of the last Harry Potter movie which the boys refuse to watch. Mark and I will have to catch it on our “kid free” weekend. We’ll also have to catch a walk along the coast to see a bit more nature.

9 Monday means Pace and I get our small treasured moments alone together. If I pick him up from school (usually late), he finishes the afternoon with me at the office or spends a little time by himself at home. Ryan usually takes him to their mom’s until dinner time or Mark gets home.
Here he’s greeting Olive before getting in the truck we borrowed from my boss when both our cars broke down in some sick cosmic joke of events on Christmas Eve day. We are blessed to have it available. Got my camera out just in time to shoot their reflection in the side view mirror.

10 Mark sick in bed with a night cap on his head but still in good spirits. This was our week - sharing sickness and taking care of each other. He felt it most during the weekend and did not lose time at work. I took Friday off and did as little as possible all weekend. Hope we don’t have another go round in the house anytime soon.
One boon - Ryan survived a course of antibiotic with no ill effects. He exhibited some allergy symptoms as a toddler and hasn’t been exposed since. That takes care of one small worry for his future as a Marine and the possibility of needing treatment in the field. The need for treatment is another story...

11 Olive in a very attentive pose observing a crow far across the field. In December Almanac Mark mentioned that the day would be an hour longer come January 22. Ollie and I took advantage of the lengthening daylight to squeeze a walk into the evening. It was COLD. Maybe Almanac Hubby can read up on increasing temps come next month!

12 Mark, a man in his unnatural element. I’m so proud of him for taking on the managerial tasks he’s had the opportunity to tackle over the past year. The night he applied for Oak Harbor online, I did the data entry. That was two years ago - and baby, we’ve come a long way. Computers, still not a favorite, but definitely part of his daily life. Who’d have thought?

13 I medicated myself with Alka-Seltzer Cold Medicine constantly, day and night varieties, enjoying the relief delivered in a crystal goblet. Grandpa Jack gave these to Grandma Ferne and her to me. She passed them on with some negativity, scoffing that he would give her “wine” glasses. In all the hustle of moving her, I didn’t recognize the style of the glasses. It makes me sad that she didn’t understand the intent of his gift, which I assume was, to bring beauty to her tea-totaling beverages.
Application: be open to the beauty that is gifted, do assume ill motives. And - I will appreciate these glasses for her. And - I appreciate the relief Alka-seltzer brings. Plop, plop.

14 Here am I - in bed with two cats and a one big dog, not intending on moving anytime soon. Head painer, nose runner, lungs cougher, body acher, mouth sneezer - a horizontal statistic of the cold season. Lovely. Grateful for bed and home and warmth.
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