November 13, 2012

Hardcore Gratitude Day 1 - Bad People, Good Lessons

L. ended up being a one year only  high school special day class teacher. I suffered that year for the students as well as myself. Sexually abused as a child - fully aware, but unprocessed - pancake making sweetie one moment, raging insanity the next. Too many mind games, all we could do was duck and cover. Complaining to the administration, the program director, friends, mom, Ferris Bueller , anyone... brought no change and little relief. I decided to pray. At first all I could do was say "HELP!" I prayed she would change, I prayed my heart would change, I prayed (like that country song) that a plant would fall on her head as she walked by an open window. Weeks went by. Finally, I just prayed blessings on her life.  Through that time I experienced a sustained intimacy with God that I seldom do. I learned that praying for our "enemy" can have wondrous results we can't anticipate. I learned to set better limits. I learned to choose my responses. Lessons I continue to build upon. Thank you L.

Hardcore Gratitude by Traci Reed available at Traci Reed Website; Magic Black Paperie by Kitty Designs available at Oscraps; ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Background Blenders II Biggie by Brandy Murry available at ScrapGirls; Artistic Splat 2 by Kitty Designs available at Oscraps;  Fonts: CenturyGothic; Credit Tracker Anna Forrest Designs
Harcore Gratitude - Traci Reed
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