December 14, 2012

Within Me

Within Me
I see
Through your eyes
Colors learned at your migraine bedside
Purse of many colors
Fed me through drought of tenderness
Soul manna passed
From first to first to first

I taste
Sunday pot roast, vegetables
Iceberg lettuce - tomato - cucumber
Wish Bone Italian salad dressing
"Yes, you may sit at the grown-ups table."
Listen to the old stories
Thank you

I lived
Moon landing , one giant step
On your wooden console TV
Taller than me
Two years old
Blow my mind

Spirit within me

I felt mauve and rose suited
Ruby red tenderness
Love, blessing, worthiness
Cookies in the cupboard

God within me 

I remember
Sunday School nursery shelf toys
Flannel Noah, flannel Jesus
"Clean up, clean up,
Everybody everywhere.
Clean up, clean up,
Everybody do your share."

I heard beautiful southern drawl
"I reckon," "Bless your heart,"
"I declare," "Ya'll"
Slow spoken west Texas girl
California ears
Forget the end of sentence lesson
I listened
I remember

I touched
Your soft skin
So pale
Your kiss
So sweet
Chickenpox calamine
My comfort

Jesus within me

My Mer, my Mer
I will see you again


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