March 9, 2013

FunFam - Recycles

Sweeties by Katie the Scrapbook Lady available at Scrapbook Lady Pages; Happy Camper by Biograffiti available at Oscraps; Happy To Be Me by Gil Boy Girl available at The Digi Chick; Everday Life by Digi Files Collaboration available at The Daily Digi - Digi Files;  Fonts: SegoePrint
We join the Farlke Family on another fun adventure - recycling! Chores are  fun... Right? Mark took advantage of Ollie's distraction and popped in the trunk along with the beer bottles. Pace promptly closed the lid on him, and Olive couldn't figure out what happened to Dad. We knew we'd have to let him out eventually - those were all empties. ;-) Mark made a big show while extracting himself from the trunk - or maybe it isn't as easy as it used to be. He tries to have fun in the everyday things, it's one of his finer qualities.

Pace gets to start the car now days and even drive a little bit behind the mall or Target, before we blink he will be getting his license and be mobile. We took our traditional "start o’ the trip" car photo even though we were only off to the recycling center.

Might as well give homage to Wayne's World, one of the silly movies we watch together - Mark totally looks like he's  singing Bohemian Rhapsody. You have to see it!

March 4, 2013

Dine Sacramento

My Mother by Danielle Englebretson available at The Daily Digi; Classics Collection - Retired by Persnickety Prints available at Persnickety Prints;  by  available at ; <a href="">Butterfly Kisses</a> by Vickie Stegall available at Oscraps; <a href="">Travel Around the World 2</a> by Manuela Zimmerman available at Scrapbookgraphics; Secrets of Nature - Retired by Manuela Zimmerman available at Scrapbookgraphics; My Fairy Friends 1 - Retired by Tangie Baxter available at Scrapbookgraphics; Coastal Holiday - Retired by Tracie Stroud available at Scrap Orchard; <a href="">Walk In Nature</a> by Manu Zimmerman available at Scrapbookgraphics;  Fonts: DJBTheLibrarian

Oak Harbor sent Mark down to Sacramento to take a long haul driving test so we took the opportunity to have a weekend  getaway. We ate wonderful food Sunday night at the Streets of London Pub. I had Bangers and Muscles in a tomato sauce while Mark enjoyed a great steak. The restaurant was filled with great British items and all the TVs had soccer playing on them. David and Sunny would love it!

Monday morning  Tonja took me to breakfast at the Tower Cafe housed in the old Tower Records building. It was stunning, full of plants and wonderful colorful items from around the world. Our sever and the bus boy cracked me up by jumping in the picture I wanted of the interior. I had the easiest time ever deciding what to get... as I fell asleep the night before I began dreaming of corn cakes. I went with that and had two HUGE blueberry corn cakes- yum! Mark joined us after his test and some driving directions from Tonja, note the confusion on her face as he describes where he is.

We made a special stop on our way home to the Big M Auto wrecking yard. We always see it from the freeway and pass on by. This time we got our fill of old rusty cars and dreams. I was able to score two awesome rusty gears and a gauge from an old pump for free. I love that Mark indulges my photography and rusty stuff collecting, he gets me. 

March 2, 2013

After Words

For years I've wanted to attend the "Almost Annual Pun-Off," a distinctly local event celebrating wit and silliness. The ad text read, "Come watch the heavywits square off in a battle for the Pepto Dismal. Music by the Pun-Off Banned. Disssappointment is guaranteed, your actual smilage may vary. Home groan fun since 1977." This year the proceeds fittingly benefitted Making Headway's Brain Injury Prevention Programs.

                One sleepy morning driving to work, I flipped on the radio and was greeted by the dj giving away tickets to caller number 9. I screeched to the curb and dialed frantically - I was caller 2, 5, 6, 8, and then, caller 9! Saturday night we were off on our new adventure. Pace grumbled like a twelve year old being forced into having a night out with his dorky parents instead of holing up in his room playing Halo Red Dead Ops Craft  all night. This, even though Levi, who he looks up to, was also in attendance AND we got frozen yogurt at the build your own place - who knew you could get that large a volume of toppings balanced in one cup? PACE!

                I took a $5 turn for charity with Rapunzel's mike to spin a slightly extended pun in the category: rocks and minerals. See, this Italian family visited Moonstone Beach but fought the breeze with their toy. Their dad declared the plaything to be a "malachite!" Musta been the wine....

                After-Words: Pace had a tummy ache and both he and Mark flexed their pun muscles all the way home. I think I can convince them to attend next year. ; - )

February 5, 2013

Sometimes I Forget...

Picturesque Collection Biggie by Syndee Nuckles available at ScrapGirls; Stormy Sea by Helly available at Memory Scraps; Summer At the Lake - Retired by Studio Manu available at Scrapbook Graphics; Water Splashes - CU by Marta VanEck available at Deviant Scrap; The Tale of a Lighthouse by Eanas available at Deviant Scrap; Symphony of Angels by Eena's Creation available at Deviant Scrap; ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Background Blenders II Biggie by Brandy Murry available at ScrapGirls; Sea Side by Natali Design available at Scrapbook Graphics; Basic Bottles - Retired by Brandy Murry available at ScrapGirls; The Perfect Storm by Fanette Designs available at Memory Scraps; Haunting Pirates by Ztamph available at Scrapbookgraphics;  Fonts: TrajanPro-Regular,LDJOldTypeFace

February 2, 2013

Say Cheese!

<a href="">Defined</a> by Chelle's Creations available at Scrap Orchard; Through the Lens Word Art by Meta Wulundari available at Memory Scraps; Always and Forever - Retired by Studio Manu available at Scrapbookgraphics; <a href="">LoopDaLoop Arrows No. 2</a> by Anna Aspnes available at Oscraps; It's Christmastime Alphas - Blog Freebie by Jen C Designs available at Pickleberry Pop; Classics Collection - Retired by Persnickety Prints