March 4, 2013

Dine Sacramento

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Oak Harbor sent Mark down to Sacramento to take a long haul driving test so we took the opportunity to have a weekend  getaway. We ate wonderful food Sunday night at the Streets of London Pub. I had Bangers and Muscles in a tomato sauce while Mark enjoyed a great steak. The restaurant was filled with great British items and all the TVs had soccer playing on them. David and Sunny would love it!

Monday morning  Tonja took me to breakfast at the Tower Cafe housed in the old Tower Records building. It was stunning, full of plants and wonderful colorful items from around the world. Our sever and the bus boy cracked me up by jumping in the picture I wanted of the interior. I had the easiest time ever deciding what to get... as I fell asleep the night before I began dreaming of corn cakes. I went with that and had two HUGE blueberry corn cakes- yum! Mark joined us after his test and some driving directions from Tonja, note the confusion on her face as he describes where he is.

We made a special stop on our way home to the Big M Auto wrecking yard. We always see it from the freeway and pass on by. This time we got our fill of old rusty cars and dreams. I was able to score two awesome rusty gears and a gauge from an old pump for free. I love that Mark indulges my photography and rusty stuff collecting, he gets me. 

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