March 9, 2013

FunFam - Recycles

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We join the Farlke Family on another fun adventure - recycling! Chores are  fun... Right? Mark took advantage of Ollie's distraction and popped in the trunk along with the beer bottles. Pace promptly closed the lid on him, and Olive couldn't figure out what happened to Dad. We knew we'd have to let him out eventually - those were all empties. ;-) Mark made a big show while extracting himself from the trunk - or maybe it isn't as easy as it used to be. He tries to have fun in the everyday things, it's one of his finer qualities.

Pace gets to start the car now days and even drive a little bit behind the mall or Target, before we blink he will be getting his license and be mobile. We took our traditional "start o’ the trip" car photo even though we were only off to the recycling center.

Might as well give homage to Wayne's World, one of the silly movies we watch together - Mark totally looks like he's  singing Bohemian Rhapsody. You have to see it!

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